Positions and Funding Opportunities

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We are happy to support fellowship applications in the area of temperate phage-host interactions, cover material costs of your project and support you in transfer or reintegration to Slovenia. Slovenia is considered a Widening country, and there are multiple opportunities to join the group, which are independent on open positions. If you are interested, you are welcome to reach out anytime to [email protected]

Opportunities for incoming postdocs:

Embo Logo

EMBO  postdoctoral fellowship – for incoming postdocs from any country. Check if you fulfill the eligibility criteria https://www.embo.org/funding/fellowships-grants-and-career-support/postdoctoral-fellowships/eligibility/. When applying for project with group leader based in Slovenia you automatically enter the final shortlist for consideration by the Fellowship Committee!

Hfsp Logo

HFSP postdoctoral fellowship – for incoming postdocs applying to work in HSFP country – like Slovenia. Check if you fulfill the eligibility criteria https://www.hfsp.org/funding/hfsp-funding/postdoctoral-fellowships

Eutipia Sif Postdoctoral Fellowship Logo

EUTIPIA-SIF postdoctoral fellowship– for incoming postdocs applying to work at University, which is part of EUTOPIA alliance – like University of Ljubljana! https://eutopia-university.eu/english-version/opportunities/research/eutopia-sif-4th-call

Opportunities for incoming students:

Asef Junior Fellowship Visit Slovenia Logo

ASEF Junior Fellowship Visit Slovenia – for incoming students (undergraduate or PhD) of Slovenian heritage, to conduct 10-week research visit at Slovenian research institution and engage in other ASEF activities https://asef.net/junior-fellowship/

Erasmus And Bilateral Scholarship Logo

ERASMUS+ Short-term visit (3-12 months) – for incoming students (EU or non-EU). Contact international relations office at your research institution for guidance. They will inform you whether they have bilateral agreement with University of Ljubljana. Such agreement can be also created upon your request https://studyinslovenia.si/study/exchange-programmes/

Erasmus And Bilateral Scholarship Logo

Bilateral scholarship (3-10 months) – for incoming students (EU or non-EU) from selected countries https://studyinslovenia.si/wp-content/uploads/Invitation-Slovenia-Bilateral-scholarships-2024-25.pdf – nr of scholarship per country is updated by the Ministry every year.